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Exfoliating Skin Testimonials for MicrodermaMitt



The MicrodermaMitt Zitmit is an amazing product. I first tried the makeup remover and loved it so much that I decided to try the ZitMit and it is one of the best face products that I have ever used. After the first use my face felt so smooth and soft, I soon realized that my acne was disappearing faster than any other product that I’ve used. I definitely recommend this product; it’s easy to use and gives you results after the first use.
Stacie, OHIO

Body Mitt

I have suffered with keratosis pilaris for over 15 years. When I was a teenager my dermatologist prescribed me some topical creams, but they never worked. I am a licensed Esthetician in Florida, and I was so thrilled to discover your products at The International Congress of Spa & Esthetics in Miami Beach.  I have no desire to put any chemicals on my face or body to help in the healing process.  After just a few months and only $25, my keratosis is almost non-existent. A few weeks ago, I was having dinner with my parents and my mother complimented on how smooth my arms looked, and then she touched the softness! I am happy to be my first client, and even more excited to share the felt and visible results of using the MicrodermaMitt with my clients.
Stephanie, Florida

"Dead skin rolls off your body and bumps disappear! We chose the MicrodermaMitt for the uniqueness in being able to exfoliate using silk fibers! We researched the product and bought it for ourselves first to try out and we loved it so much that we now sell it to our clients! Our face and body has never felt smoother! You can see the dead skin cells rolling off of your body! The little bumps on our arms and legs have now disappeared and are so smooth! Leave the loofah behind and go for the MicrodermaMitt! There is nothing out there like this!”

Face Mitt

November  2012

"I use this Mitt on my face and body and have had great results. I am vigilant about washing and cleansing my face and own a Clarisonic, but this mitt has worked even better. Clarisonic is great for removing dirt and oil, but I haven't noticed great exfoliation. The Mitt washes and exfoliates without breaking the top layer of skin, which many topical cream scrubs and other exfoliation gloves often do. I have noticed a reduction in blackheads/whiteheads (I have very minute ones on my chin and nose) improvement in overall smoothness and skin regeneration. It's great because you just use water so it doesn't strip your skin of natural oils; I typically use a gentle cleanser to remove makeup then use the mitt. Also has worked well with the keratosis pillars, aka "chicken skin" on my upper arms almost totally gone in two weeks! I have tried other gloves and rubbed myself red with little improvement. I use this mitt just 3-4 times a week on my face and body and love it! Would definitely recommend! So worth it!"

Megan - MA


 May 2012   

 "I just wanted to tell you all how much I love the face mitt I recently received as a gift. I have had weird acne for a couple of years that no one could get rid of, even my dermatologist. It appeared to be little bumps that were flesh colored, and even though they weren't really visible until people were up close, I was still very self-conscious about it. This product has completely erradicated the problem and my skin looks absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for creating such a wonderful product - I absolutely love it!"


"Amazing results!  I am 50 years old and have fairly good skin, but when I tried the MicrodermaMitt and Olive Oil Soap, I was blown away with the results. It felt so good on my skin; I wanted to use it every day. During the summer, my skin gets especially dry and after using your products, both my daughters and I noticed that my skin looked better and younger than before. My face, arms and legs are all unbelievably smooth and shiny, and the old skin just comes right off with the mitt. But my face in particular, looks and feels the best. Also, having four daughters with acne, I have tried everything on the market to help their skin including specialty creams from Hollywood, Proactiv and prescription strength products. My girls used the MicrodermaMitt ZitMit along with the Olive Oil Soap and they thought they were the best products they have ever used on their skin. I have spent a fortune on their faces, and have never had the same results as with your products. Thank you again for MicrodermaMitt!”


Pattie, OHIO

"My Precancerous Patches are Totally Gone!   I live in Arizona and have always had dry skin and patches of dry skin. I have had to have several precancerous patches of skin burned off. I was scheduled to have more precancerous patches removed but began using the MicrodermaMitt along with the Olive Bar and Oil. My precancerous patches are totally gone without having them burned off! Thank you MicrodermaMitt!”


"I've struggled with Keratosis Pilaris for as long as I can remember and have felt very self-conscience about my arms and legs. I've tried numerous lotions, scrubs and peels with varied degrees of success. I came across the MicrodermaMitt and Olive Soap at a store near where I work and I am completely astounded by the results after 2 weeks. My arms and legs feel so nice and smooth. I still have some redness, but overall the difference is amazing. I highly recommend!"


 "MicrodermaMitt is unbelievable!  My skin feels so wonderful and smooth. I am 61 years old and I have been in the cosmetic industry for 21 years. I have tried all the products, creams, loofahs, etc. on the market that claim to get rid of dry skin and none of them did much of anything. This is the first product I have ever used that not only did what it promised to do, but totally exceeded by expectations. I love my skin again!”

Jean, OHIO

"I have had eczema all my life and have been to Dermatologists and prescribed all types of creams and ointments. I have never had such great results as I have had with the Olive Face and Body Oil. It really helps heal my skin, relieves my itching and I can just forget I even have eczema. Thank you for such a great product!”


 "I was a little skeptical about the MicrodermaMitt claims, I have to admit. But I just had to try it, after hearing all the accolades from others. I have not been the least bit disappointed. This thing is terrific! I'm using the Face Mitt and the skin on my face and upper chest is so much smoother and less splotchy. (I have a lot of age spots from years of too much sun, but this mitt seems to be literally erasing some of the damage.) I'm particularly pleased with the effect it's having on my dappled hands - they look much better after only a month. All I can say is try it, you'll like it."

Shelly, Ohio

"I was given this Face Mitt for Christmas and I really love the results. I had problems with dry patches and blackheads. It started working the first time I used it. There is nothing like it The Olive Cleansing is great also!”

Caroline, FLORIDA

"No More soap! This is crazy! The fact I do not have to use a facial wash to wash off my make-up is unbelievable! Especially for the nights I am just too tired to wash my face - wet the Makeup Remover Mitt, wipe off your make-up, dirt and grime! And I also started using the MicrodermaMitt Face Mitt.  I cannot believe the difference in how my face feels! It is unbelievable. My make-up goes on better, my creams soak in and I love the way my face feels!”


"The Makeup Remover Mitt is just perfect for me! Each night I would often ignore all my skincare products, swipe my teeth with a toothbrush, and fall into bed exhausted, without removing makeup or cleansing my face. Because using the mitt is SO easy, it inspires me to take just a couple of minutes and one step to gently remove makeup and city grime. My complexion is fresher and softer in the morning.”


"I have been using your Olive Oil Soap for several years. I have a rash on my legs and have been to dermatologists and prescribed many things and nothing has worked. Your Olive Oil Soap is the only thing that keeps my rash away.”

Rose, OHIO

"I was so surprised "the little Makeup Remover Mitt" removed my eye makeup and mascara!!! Yes Mascara! I love that! It is safe for my eyes, no harsh chemicals!”

Jeannie, ARIZONA

"I love my mitt!!! I used to have acne on my face and back and I tried just about everything to clear it up. I used Proactiv, but I just was not able to keep up with the cost, and it did not clear up the small bumps that I had on my forehead. Two to three weeks after I started using the Mitt and Olive Bar, all of the bumps that were on my forehead went away. Not only is the Mitt more cost effective, but it has also made the skin on my face and back smoother than it has ever been!”


 "I am so happy I found something that worked! I have been struggling with a skin problem for years. Ever since I was a small child, I went to Dr. after Dr. and used every product they prescribed and NOTHING EVER worked for me. I have small bumps on the backs of my arms and the backs of my legs and I was especially self-conscious when it came time to wear a swimsuit or sleeveless shirts until now. I purchased a MicrodermaMitt and it worked the first time I used it. All of my bumps were gone! Thank you so much for marketing this great product.”


"The Body Mitt is truly an amazing product. I have a body slimming product that is absorbed through your pores. The results now are out of the park because of these Mitts. I cannot believe how well they work. The first product that is clean, no mess and no lanolin or parabens! LOVE IT!”


"My sisters and I share more than our Mother in common. We all inherited her skin disorder, which causes seriously dry, flaky skin. No amount of lotions, potions, or pills can touch it. Believe me, we have tried Bag Balm, Vaseline, expensive name brand products, and all of these even in combination with exfoliants cannot remedy our itchy, crackly problem. In fact, exfoliants tend to have chemicals, which only exacerbate the problem. Enter MicrodermaMitt! I was totally dubious when an exhibitor at a recent fundraiser I attended asked if she could show me how it works. I smirked, knowing nothing works. But it did. Even on my dry arm, it worked. So I bought it and tried it at home, tentatively doing particularly dry areas first: calves, forearms. It still worked! Plus, it did not damage my skin like some products do (loofahs, for instance). I am totally sold on MicrodermaMitt and highly recommend it.”


"Having genetically dry skin, I am always looking for a Lotion or Loofa that will solve my dry, itchy problems, so when a friend starting talking about how the MicrodermaMitt worked and the fact that it was 100% natural floss silk, I was intrigued. I purchased the Body Mitt and fell in love. The skin on my legs is so soft and smooth after using the Body Mitt in the shower that I feel as if I already have lotion on. I have since then purchased the Facial Mitt and the Make-Up Remover Mitt. After using the Make-Up Remover Mitt for several days and "not” using some make-up remover gel or oil, my eyes are not burning or puffy and a very interesting thing happened; the dry skin around my eyes from wearing glasses has disappeared.”


I purchased the body mitt for my wife and she began using it immediately. The results were astonishing to her. The Mitt was so much easier to use and gave her better results than the product she was using. The Mitt was left in the shower and, one day, I decided to see what it would do for me. I used it on my whole body but primarily on my elbows and heels of my feet. I was pleasantly surprised that my entire body was softer and my elbows and heels were smooth and not scratchy to my wife. I now use the Mitt during every shower. It only takes a minute to use and I love the results!


"The Keratosis Pilaris on my arms is dramatically better after using the body mitt for only three weeks!”

Jennifer, ARIZONA